just need to add Vue.use(vueg) ,vue-router will have a transition effect.




 npm i vueg -G

1、Get Started

 import Vue from 'vue' 
 import App from './App' 
 import router from './router'

 //  ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
 import vueg from 'vueg'    
 import 'vueg/css/transition-min.css'
 Vue.use(vueg, router)     // Note that this row should be after "router = new VueRouter ()".   

Now app already has a transition effect.

2、you can add v-transition="false" to disable the effect:

    <div id="app">
        <router-view v-transition="false"></router-view>


    const options={  
        duration: '0.3',              // `animation-duration`  
        firstEntryDisable: false,     // When the value is true, in the process of the user into the app, app no transition effect,the default is false  
        firstEntryDuration: '.6',     //
        forwardAnim: 'fadeInRight',   // Forward transition effect,the default is fadeInRight  
        backAnim: 'fadeInLeft',       // Back transition effect,the default is fadeInLeft  
        sameDepthDisable: false,      // When the url depth is the same, the effect is disabled,the default is false   
        tabs: [{
            }],                       // the default is [],'name' is the name of the route,to achieve in the app click on the tab,the page horizontal transition effects,such as tabs[1] to tab [0],will use the backAnim effect,tabs[1] to tabs[2],will use the forwardAnim effect
        tabsDisable: false,           // when the value is true,disable the effect of the page in tabs,the default is false  
        disable: false,               // disable transition effect,the default is false,nested route default is true  
    Vue.use(vueg, router,options)

ForwardAnimbackAnim provide the following values:

`touchPoint` // The page is enlarged from the touch point  
And the value provided by animate.css  

Preview the effect, and see all available values, visit:

options can also be configured in the data of each component,for example:

        return {
            vuegConfig:{                   // All configuration of `options` can be written in this object, covering the global configuration
                disable:false              // For nested route, the default is to disable effect,if you wan to enable transition effect, You need to configure `disable` for` false` in the` data.vuegConfig` of the component