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Mathematical arts driven by t, i and anything.

The value of each point can be calculated by the following params:

  • t: time elapsed.
  • i: index of the point (left to right, top to bottom), starting from 0.
  • x, y, z: coordinate values of the point in the coordinate system.

Just enter your function expression in the field, and each point will then represet the value of the calculation:

  • value > 0: displayed in color, and the size of the dot increases as the value increases, the maximum value is 1.
  • value < 0: displayed in gray, and the size of the dot increases as the value decreases, the minimum value is -1.


Select the canvas from the drop-down menu. 1D, 2D and 3D are available.

Tin Screenshot

Spy Mode

Tin Screenshot

You can select the points you want to see in the spy mode. View an image of the value of the selected points over time.


Highly inspired by Tixy.land and Antfu.100.

Engined by p5.js




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