A modern web-based viewer for FPGA/ASIC register documentation.

This repository is in the process of being migrated from JPL GitHub Enterprise to The Git repository has been migrated but the issues, pull requests, and releases have not.


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Generate the Register Description

Generate the Regvue JSON according to the Register Description Format.

Install Regvue

The preferred method of installing Regvue is to not install it at all. Instead, use an existing deployment of Regvue managed by the Regvue team.

The latest deployment is

Load a Register Description

Register descriptions can be loaded via the filesystem or via a URL.

Via a URL (Preferred)

URLs can be created that automatically load a hosted register description into Regvue.

For example,

Via the Filesystem

Open Regvue and and load a register descriptions by dragging-and-dropping a register description JSON into Regvue or by using the file open dialog.


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