Multiple Authentication Using Laravel-Jetstream With Inertia-Vue

About Jetstream-Inertia-Vue Multi-Auth

It is a user-based multiple authentication system developed using Laravel Jetstream With Inertia and Vue. It has the same features of a single user of Jetstream like Login, Register, Email Verification, Forgot Password, Two-Step Verification, API Services, Logout other browser session and delete user, etc. for administrator and user as well.

  • I’ve added the SocialStream Package for Social Authentication.
  • and the administrator can view the User List on his dashboard.


  • Download this project and extract it.
  • Open Command Prompt and Type Composer Install and then npm install && npm run dev
  • create a database update .env file.
  • Update Mail Host and Password for Email Verification.
  • Add Github Client ID and Secret for Social Authentication.
  • Run php artisan migrate && php artisan serve command to see the demo.

The Application is Developed by SK NIYAJ ALI and it is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


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