? Next-gen compact native smooth scrolling component library for Vue 3

No scrollbar reinventing using DOM elements, no weird logic, only native scroll event, a sprinkle of CSS magic and the power of ResizeObserver.

Native means the library doesn’t interfere with scroll logic at all. Every scroll feature works as it should be.


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pnpm add vue-smoothie
yarn add vue-smoothie
npm i vue-smoothie


You should use the component as a container element for your scrollable content. The container has overflow: auto by default.

<script setup>
import { Smoothie } from "vue-smoothie";

  <Smoothie class="container">
      <p>Test paragraph</p>

.container {
  /* define height and/or width */

There are two flavors of the component:

  • Smoothie – use this when you only need vertical scroll.
  • OmniSmoothie – use this when you need both vertical and horizontal scroll. In this case prefer using OmniSmoothie component for all scrollable areas even if they’re vertical-only to prevent bundling both flavors simulataneously.

weight prop

You can setup how smooth the scrolling is by specifying an optional weight prop: <Smoothie :weight="0.03"> The lower the value the lazier transition

Exposed properties

Both flavors expose an object via ref with properties:

  • el – container DOM element (available in onMounted hook)
  • x and y – current smooth scroll position (x only in Omni)

Common issues

  • To make root (App) view work with smoothie you have to pass down overflow to the smoothie element. One way of doing so is:

    .container {
      height: 100%;

    where #app is the element you mount your Vue application on and .container a class applied to root <smoothie> element

  • Instead of styling #app with padding and etc, better style scroll container

  • Don’t forget about box-sizing: border-box when a container has border and/or padding to accomodate it into its width and height to prevent multiple scrollbars, root-level (<html>) scrollbar overtaking overflow and other issues

  • Scrollbar appears inside of page not at a side – you need to set width to 100%


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