?️‍? Out & About ?️‍? 2022 Pride events calendar

Open-sourcing Anima’s pride events calendar app

We collected 2022 pride events from around the globe and gathered them all under one simple mobile web application.

Be proud all year long! ?️‍?


So what is this code?

Most of the code was written automatically with Anima, given a Figma design. Anima converts design into code. In this case, Figma to Vue.

Starting from a boilerplate code with all the design means you fast forward to implementing the logic. We are doing a lot to produce developer-friendly code. The result is not yet perfect, but it requires minor tweaks in most cases.

Behind the scenes, we do A LOT of heavy lifting to give you super clean code. To name a few of the algorithms:

  • Automatically name elements (i.e ‘vector567’ -> ‘Share icon’)
  • Automatically tagging elements (i.e detecting h1 / h2 / p, etc.)
  • Restructure the DOM as close as possible to what a human engineer would with multiple heuristics
  • Unwrapping divs and creating flex-based divs for a tidy layout
  • Merging elements
  • Removing redundant elements
  • Extract CSS variables & classes for repeating colors, fonts, and more
  • Find repeating DOM patterns and refactor to components And much more.

In addition, we run visual tests with headless browsers on multiple resolutions, to make sure you’re getting pixel-perfect code.

Again, our code is not perfect yet, as you will see in this repo. However, the fact that it is 10x faster to build products is mind-blowing for everyone building an MVP, POC or even a demo.

For this application it took ~2h of development time to fix issues with the design + implementing the logic. Crazy fast ?

How to run this code

In Terminal, go into the project’s folder, then –

npm install
npm start

Open http://localhost:8080.

How to deploy to netlify

One click


If you don’t have netlify:

npm install netlify-cli -g 

Once you do have netlify:

npm run build
netlify deploy

Choose dist folder when asked, and you’ll get a link on netlify to your React app. Use netlify deploy --prod when you have the final result, and get a sharable link.

Any feedback is welcome ?


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