The is to simplify the process of sharing web performance results, specifically Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insights. Currently, disseminating such results is cumbersome and often involves sharing screenshots rather than providing a direct link to the original source.

By offering a user-friendly platform, aims to streamline this process, enabling users to easily view and share web performance metrics with others. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance accessibility and understanding of web performance data by providing a convenient and straightforward solution for sharing insights.


  • Built on Nuxt
  • Nitro server API routes
  • CrUX API and PageSpeed Insights API
  • UnoCSS
  • nuxt-og-image, powered by Satori
  • Deployed on Azure Static Web Apps
  • Using unjs/unstorage for caching on Azure Blob Storage
  • Using route rules to persist images, HTML and API requests


Published under MIT License.