Passwordo (provisional name) ???

What is this?

A personal project that aims to generate good-enough passwords in a variety of ways. I have made some tests like: measure the byte entropy of the passwords, guess the password with algorithms using the most common characters and digits and KeePassXC says “good enough kiddo”.

If you want an ultra secure “unbreakable” password this project might not be what you’re looking for ? (we’re sorry).

About the Project

  • Made with Rust and Typescript ?
  • Generates passwords from random ascii characters (surprising I know)
  • Generates passwords from a list of words + random ascii characters (ultra random ascii characters)
  • Use random bytes (printed as hexadecimal) for your passwords (because why not?)

Things to Do

  • Maybe add a list of phrases from a text file as a replacement of the hard-coded words
  • Add a byte entropy meter
  • Add a xkcd generation method

screenshot screenshot


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