Vue Storefront PayPal Payment Extension

PayPal Payment module for vue-storefront, by Develo Design.


By hand (preferer):

$ git clone [email protected]:develodesign/vsf-payment-paypal.git ./vue-storefront/src/modules/paypal

Or as dependency. Add the extension to your Vue Storefront package.json using:

$ npm install vsf-payment-paypal --save

Add the following also to your config/local.json need set paypal.env to sandbox or production.

"paypal": {
  "env": "sandbox",
  "endpoint": {
    "create": "http://localhost:8080/api/ext/payment-paypal/create",
    "execute": "http://localhost:8080/api/ext/payment-paypal/execute"

And enable cart sync with server (for corrected totals calculation by getters):

"cart": {
  "synchronize": true,
  "synchronize_totals": true

Integrate the Paypal Button to Order Review component in theme folder:

cp ./src/modules/paypal/components/core/blocks/Checkout/OrderReview.vue ./src/themes/default/components/core/blocks/Checkout/OrderReview.vue

Registration the Paypal module. Go to ./src/modules/index.ts

import { GoogleAnalytics } from './google-analytics';
import { Paypal } from './paypal';

export const registerModules: VueStorefrontModule[] = [

PayPal payment API extension

Install additional extension for vue-storefront-api:

$ mkdir -p ../vue-storefront-api/src/api/extensions/payment-paypal
$ cp -f ./api-ext/index.js ../vue-storefront-api/src/api/extensions/payment-paypal/

Go to api config ./vue-storefront-api/config/local.json and register the Paypal Api extension:

"registeredExtensions": [

And add the paypal settings to extensions key:

  "extensions": {
    "mailchimp": {
    "paypal": {
      "api": "",
      "client": "",
      "secret": ""

Magento2 integration

This API extension execute payment to PayPal gateway.
It use develodesign/m2-paypal-payment The custom Paypal payment method for Magento2 composer module so you have to install it in your Magento instance.


Also we can use option for more customizable PayPal button view. For more info PayPal.

"paypal": {
  "style": {
    "size": "small",
    "color": "gold",
    "shape": "pill"