A fully featured Vue 2.6 PWA boilerplate


  • Progressive Web App (PWA) with Service Worker
  • Code splitting and async component/route loading
  • Automatic hot-reload in development
  • Dockerized production setup with pm2 load balancing
  • Automatic removal of unused CSS/SCSS
  • Global SCSS variables and easy theme customization
  • Linting and formatting with eslint and prettier
  • Uses Buefy for styling


# Run in development
yarn run serve

# Building and running with Docker
docker build -t peridot .
docker run -p 8080:8080 peridot:latest

# Lint .vue, .js, .scss
yarn run lint


Want a ready-to-go backend for this web app for user authentication and management, email verification and more? Check out microAuth, a FastAPI Python boilerplate that works out of the box with this project.


Pull requests are welcome and appreciated!


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