Pinturillo 3

Pinturillo clone made with Vue, Bulma CSS and Node.js + TypeScript. It uses to easily achieve real-time drawing, user chatting, and every other game event. Stores user and game data using in-memory javascript objects.




  • Join public rooms
  • Real-time drawing with real-time chat
  • Language selection (English or Spanish)
  • Create and join private rooms

Maybe in the future

  • User accounts with stats and saved drawings
  • Premium account without ads and limitless storage of drawings
  • Competitive Pintanary, tournaments for money, RANKETS!!

Test locally

First, install all the NPM dependencies in both backend and frontend:

npm i
cd frontend
npm i

Run production server

Build the vue frontend:

npm run build

Run the nodejs server:

npm run watch

Run development server

Run the frontend server

cd frontend
npm run serve

Run the node.js backend server:

npm run watch



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