? Powerful GSAP directive for Vue

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Install the library

pnpm add @zeokku/vue-gsap

Add the plugin to your Vue app:

import gsapPlugin from "./plugin";

  .use(gsapPlugin, {
    gsapDefaults: {},


Directive argument

There are 3 methods that correspond to the same methods of GSAP:

  • v-gsap:from – the animation will be played when the element is placed into DOM, so it’s perfect for entering animations. This is the default argument, so you can simply use v-gsap directive.
  • v-gsap:fromTo – similar to from, the animation is played after the element is mounted.
  • v-gsap:to – the animation will be played before the unmount of the component. Good for leaving animations for elements inside of views when used with built-in <Transition> elements.

Directive value

When using from/to the directive expects a GSAPTweenVars object. In case of fromTo it expects a tuple [GSAPTweenVars, GSAPTweenVars], which correspond to from and to.

type TTweenValue = GSAPTweenVars | [GSAPTweenVars, GSAPTweenVars];

You can also fully customize the experience providing in-out object to the directive without its argument to define the animations for entering (in) and leaving (out):

type TInOutValue = { 
    method?: "to" | "from" | "fromTo"; 
    vars: TTweenValue 

type TInOut = { 
    in?: TInOutValue | TTweenValue; 
    out?: TInOutValue | TTweenValue 

By default gsap.from is always used for entering and gsap.to for leaving and the directive accepts tween vars right as in and out. But you can provide a more complex object specifying method property to define what should be used in each case.


To improve developer experience, the directive accepts several modifiers to speed up the development.

  • [digits] – e.g. .500, defines the duration of the tween. Should be specified in ms!
  • d... – e.g. .d500, defines delay of the tween. Should be specified in ms!
  • s... – e.g. .s100, defines stagger of the tween. Should be specified in ms!
  • children – this modifier allows applying the provided tween config to elements children, perfect for animating lists along with using s... modifier.


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