Plugin Manager (multi-os)

Fresh Setup Electron Frontend

  1. Setup nodejs with LTS Version via
  2. Install YARN
  3. Install Vue-CLI

# Install vue-cli and scaffold boilerplate
npm install -g vue-cli

Variant No. 1

using the dedicated builder:

vue create frontend
vue add vuetify
vue add electron-builder
npm install -D @types/node@">=12.0.0 <13.0.0"
cd frontend &6 npm run serve

Terminal/Console Logs

Variant No. 2

using the boilerplate from SimulatedGREG

# Initialize 
vue init simulatedgreg/electron-vue my-project/U

# Install dependencies and run your app
cd frontend
yarn # or npm install
yarn run dev # or npm run dev

ATTENTION: Do not use SCSS in this boilerplate, install it after setting up the project

Prefer Yarn over NPM, might throws random ero

Detailed Documentation

Console Log



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