Timer for Pomodoro Technique, 2023

Built using Vue.js 3.2.47, Vite 4, Bootstrap 4 (cdn)

Live Demo

Vue 2 to Vue 3 Upgrade Notes

  • index.html must be in the root folder, used to be in the /public folder

  • Different launch instructions in /src/main.js

  • Babel not required, requires Vite config file /vite.config.js

  • Example of using <script setup>: /src/App.vue

    • Note: Composable variables and computed fields will be automatically exported via const declaration

    • Note: Composable functions won’t be automatically exported, destructuring required

  • Example of using setup Options API: /src/components/TimerLog.vue

Technologies/Modules used

  • Vue.js
  • Vue Router
  • Bootstrap (css only)


  • 25 minutes Pomodoro interval
  • 5 minutes Short Break interval
  • 20 minutes Long Break interval
  • Different timer text color during break time
  • Toggle Sound
  • Toggle Autostart Next Interval
  • Intervals completed log
  • Responsive

Query string configurations

Function Parameter Default Setting
Whether to start next interval when the current one is completed autonext off on/off
Start timer immediately autostart off on/off
Play sound when the current interval is completed sound on on/off

Example: https://pomodoro.ivan-lim.com?autonext=on&autostart=on&sound=off

Usage Tip

To open this app in a small window on a desktop machine, type the following into the browser address bar or create a bookmark: javascript:window.open(‘https://pomodoro.ivan-lim.com‘, ‘pomodoro’, ‘height=350,width=400’)

Note #1: Sometimes browser will skip the front javascript: during paste, type this in manually if necessary.

Note #2: Some browsers might not support all the features if invoked this way. For example Microsoft Edge does not support window sizing.

Project Setup

npm install

Compile and Hot-Reload for Development

npm run dev

Compile and Minify for Production

npm run build


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