Vue Datetime Picker

Fast, powerful and easy to use component datetime picker for VueJS. The component includes localization, highlight and disable date, 12/24-hour time, inline mode, etc.



  • Vue.js ^2.5.0


npm install vue-vanilla-datetime-picker --save
import DateTimePicker from 'vue-vanilla-datetime-picker';

Vue.component('date-time-picker', DateTimePicker);
@import "node_modules/vue-vanilla-datetime-picker/dist/DateTimePicker"


Name Required Type Default Description
v-model, value * String, Date, DateTime (luxon) Value
value-format String yyyy-LL-dd HH:mm:ss Value format
max-date String, Date, DateTime (luxon) null Max date
min-date String, Date, DateTime (luxon) null Min date
constraints-format String yyyy-LL-dd Constraints format
locale String en Set locale.
inline Boolean false Enable inline mode.
disabled Boolean false Disable datetime picker.
format String yyyy-LL-dd HH:mm Display format.
time-picker Boolean true Show time picker.
hour-time Number 24 Hour in 12/24-hour time. Values: '12', '24'.
no-toggle-time-picker Boolean false No toggle time picker button.
only-time-picker Boolean false Show only time picker.
start-from-sunday Boolean false Set Sunday as first day of week.
minute-step Number 1 Set step for minute.
seconds-picker Boolean false Show second picker.
initial-view String days Initial view: 'days', 'months', 'years'
main-button-class String Class for main button.
disabled-dates Array [] Array of disabled dates.
highlighted Array [] Array of highlighted dates. Example: [{ date: '2018-09-17', class: 'highlighted' }]
auto-close Boolean false Close date picker after select date.
clear-button Boolean false Show "Clear" button.
close-button Boolean false Show "Close" button.
today-button Boolean false Show "Today" button.
value-type String Auto Set value type. Types: 'Auto', 'String', 'Date', 'Luxon'.
empty-value Any '' Set empty value for clear button.


Name Description
choose-date For main button if date not selected.
formatted-datetime For main button if date selected.
date For date button.
time For time button.
months-prev For previous month button.
months-next For next month button.
years-prev For previous year button.
years-next For next year button.
decades-prev For previous decade button.
decades-prev For next decade button.
hours-up For hours up button.
hours-down For hours down button.
minutes-up For minutes up button.
minutes-down For minutes down button.
seconds-up For seconds up button.
seconds-down For seconds down button.
meridiems-up For meridiems up button.
meridiems-down For meridiems down button.
clear For clear button.
close For close button.
today For today button.



What about RTL support?

If you need an RTL version of component for your project, recommend use PostCSS plugin which is called postcss-rtl.


npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build-lib