Check the Vue is a weather application I made utilising open weather map API and Open Ai API to generate images of the current weather in verified locations throughout the world. In its current state it utilizes web requests however in future I plan for this to be held within a docker image to generate its own images server side, saving time and money.


Simply input the city of your choice in the box on the right & it will give you the necessary information below; a few seconds later so will the image, provided you setup the API keys correctly.

When ran locally, it costs roughtly £0.02 for every image generated, with the billing information configured with the weather info being recieved pretty much for free.



As mentioned before I plan for this to become an online service, however right now there is no way for me to reliably host this without it costing a fortune in API requests, I have placed this project on the backburner so I may continue with others. On a later date I intent to update the system being used to generate imaged using docker, however you are more than welcome to do so yourself should you wish!