SkyGuard Weather App

SkyGuard is a comprehensive weather application designed to provide users with accurate and easy-to-understand weather forecasts for their chosen locations. Built with Vue.js and JavaScript, SkyGuard offers a clean, intuitive interface that ensures users can quickly access the information they need.


  • Multiple Locations: Users can search for and add multiple locations to get detailed weather forecasts for each.
  • 5-Day Forecast: The app displays a 5-day weather forecast for the selected location(s), giving users a clear view of the upcoming weather patterns.
  • Responsive Design: SkyGuard features a visually appealing design that adapts to both desktop and mobile devices, providing a consistent experience across platforms.
  • Integration with Mapbox API & OpenWeatherMap API: Leveraging the power of Mapbox API for location data and OpenWeatherMap API for weather data, SkyGuard delivers reliable and timely weather updates.
  • Error Handling: The app handles API responses and potential errors gracefully, ensuring a smooth user experience even in unexpected situations.
  • Loading Indicator: While waiting for API data, a loading indicator keeps users informed and engaged.
  • Unit Conversion: Users have the flexibility to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit for temperature readings, accommodating different preferences.