Abingdon Publishing Widget

Screenshot on Firefly

A widget to be put onto the side of Firefly Learning Platform. Provides descriptions and links to article PDFs to potentially interested readers.

Project TODO

  • Caching
  • Logging

Setup and Install

Install dependencies

  • cd client && npm i
  • cd server && npm i

Setup dev environment

  • Rename abs_pub.example.db to abs_pub.dev.db and use SQLite Studio to inspect and modify rows
  • Edit server/.env_example and follow instructions within
  • cd server && cp .env_example .env
  • cd server && npx nodemon
  • cd client && npm run dev

Build for production

  • cd client && npm run build
  • mv client/dist/* server/public/ -r
  • Upload your own version of abs_pub.prod.db with predefined users. Don’t forget to back up when overwriting files!


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