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  •   Use whatever you like as a star
  •   View or retrieve a note
  •   Customisable colors.
  •   Customisable number of stars.
  •   Create read-only stars.
  •   SSR Friendly.

Quick Setup

  1. Add nuxt-rating dependency to your project

# Using pnpm
pnpm add nuxt-rating

# Using yarn
yarn add nuxt-rating

# Using npm
npm install nuxt-rating
  1. Add nuxt-rating to the modules section of nuxt.config.ts

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ["nuxt-rating"],
  1. Use nuxt-rating component
<NuxtRating :read-only="false" :ratingValue="1.2" />

Props Explanation

The following props can be passed to customize the appearance and behavior of the component:

  • ratingCount (optional, default: 5): The total number of rating levels available.
  • ratingSize (optional, default: “32px”): The size of the rating meter.
  • activeColor (optional, default: “#ffc700”): The color of the active rating level.
  • inactiveColor (optional, default: “gray”): The color of the inactive rating levels.
  • ratingValue (optional, default: 3.7): The initial rating value.
  • ratingContent (optional, default: “★”): The content to be displayed for each rating level.
  • readOnly (optional, default: true): Specifies whether the rating meter is read-only or interactive.

Events Explanation

The component emits the following events:

  • ratingSelected: Triggered when a rating level is selected. The event payload is the selected rating value.
  • hoverRating: Triggered when the mouse hovers over the rating meter. The event payload is the mouse event object.


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