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Return YouTube Dislike

Return YouTube Dislike is an open-source extension that returns the YouTube dislike count.
Available for Chrome and Firefox as a Web Extension.
Also available for other browsers as JS Userscript.

The Story

On November 10th, 2021, Google announced that the YouTube dislike count would be removed.

Additionally, the dislike field in the YouTube API was removed on December 13th, 2021, removing any ability to judge the quality of content before watching.

What it Does

With the removal of dislike stats from the YouTube API, our backend switched to using a combination of scraped dislike stats, estimates extrapolated from extension user data.


Why it Matters

You can learn more at our website at:

API documentation

Third-party use of this open API is allowed with the following restrictions:

  • Attribution: This project should be clearly attributed with either a link to this repo or a link to
  • Rate Limiting: There are per client rate limits in place of 100 per minute and 10’000 per day. This will return a 429 status code indicating that your application should back off.

The API is accessible over the following base URL:

List of available endpoints is available here:

Get votes

Example to get votes of a given YouTube video ID:

    "id": "kxOuG8jMIgI",
    "dateCreated": "2021-12-20T12:25:54.418014Z",
    "likes": 27326,
    "dislikes": 498153,
    "rating": 1.212014408444885,
    "viewCount": 3149885,
    "deleted": false

None existing YouTube ID will return status code 404 “Not Found”.
Wrong formed YouTube ID will return 400 “Bad Request”.


Please read the contribution guide.

Support this project!

You can support this project by donating to us on the link below:







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