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RomM (stands for Rom Manager) is a game library manager focused in retro gaming. Manage and organize all of your games from a web browser.

Inspired by Jellyfin and after found that the awesome Gameyfin project is not supported for arm64 architectures and it is a general game library manager, I decided to develop my own game library solution.

Available as a docker image (amd64/arm64)

⚡ Features

  • Scan your game library (all at once or by platform) and enriches it with IGDB metadata
  • Access your library via your web-browser
  • Possibility to select one of the matching IGDB results if the scan doesn’t get the right one
  • EmuDeck folder structure compatibility
  • Multiple files games support
  • Download games directly from your web-browser
  • Edit your game files directly from your web-browser
  • Region, revision/version and extra tags support
  • Works with SQLite or MaridDB (SQLite by default)
  • Responsive design
  • Light and dark theme

? Roadmap

  • Upload games directly from your web-browser – issue #54
  • Manage save files directly from your web-browser – issue #55
  • Set a custom cover for each game – issue #53


? Desktop

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? Mobile

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? Docker

Last version of the docker image.

Check the docker-compose.yml example.

Get API key from IGDB for the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET variables.


? Folder structure

RomM accepts two different folder structure by priority.

RomM will try to find the structure 1 and if it doesn’t exists, RomM will try to find structure 2.

  • Structure 1 (high priority) – roms folder at root of library folder:

├─ roms/
   ├─ gbc/
   │  ├─ rom_1.gbc
   │  ├─ rom_2.gbc
   ├─ gba/
   │  ├─ rom_1.gba
   │  ├─ rom_2.gba
   ├─ ps/
      ├─ my_multifile_game/
      │   ├─ my_game_cd1.iso
      │   ├─ my_game_cd2.iso
      ├─ rom_1.iso
  • Structure 2 (low priority) – roms folder inside each platform folder

├─ gbc/
│  ├─ roms/
│     ├─ rom_1.gbc
│     ├─ rom_2.gbc
├─ gba/
│  ├─ roms/
│     ├─ rom_1.gba
│     ├─ rom_2.gba
├─ ps/
│  ├─ roms/
│     ├─ my_multifile_game/
│     │  ├─ my_game_cd1.iso
│     │  ├─ my_game_cd2.iso
│     │
│     ├─ rom_1.iso

⚙️ Config.yml file

RomM can be configured through a yml file. This is used to exclude platforms and/or roms to be scanned.

For a configuration change to take effect, RomM must be restarted.

Check the config.yml example.

Check the docker-compose.yml example to see how to bind it.

Naming convention

? Platforms support

If the RomM folder structure is followed, any kind of platform/folder-name is supported for the core features. For having extra metadata as well as cover images and platforms icons, the following table shows how to name your platforms folders. This will change over the time, adding games metadata for more platforms. Make sure that the platforms folder names are lowercase.

Platforms support list

slug name games metadata
3ds Nintendo 3DS
amiga Amiga
arcade Arcade
atari atari
coleco coleco
c64 Commodore C64/128/MAX
cpc cpc
cps1 cps1
cps2 cps2
cps3 cps3
daphne daphne
dc Dreamcast
dos DOS
fairchild fairchild
fba2012 fba2012
fbneo fbneo
fds Family Computer Disk System
gb Game Boy
gba Game Boy Advance
gbc Game Boy Color
gg gg
gw gw
intellivision Intellivision
jaguar Atari Jaguar
lynx Atari Lynx
md md
megaduck megaduck
ms ms
msx MSX
n64 Nintendo 64
nds Nintendo DS
neocd neocd
neogeo neogeo
nes Nintendo Entertainment System
ngc Nintendo GameCube
ngp ngp
odyssey odyssey
pce pce
pcecd pcecd
pico pico
poke poke
ps PlayStation
ps2 PlayStation 2
ps3 PlayStation 3
ps4 ps4
psp PlayStation Portable
psvita PlayStation Vita
scummvm scummvm
segacd Sega CD
segasgone segasgone
sgb sgb
sgfx sgfx
snes Super Nintendo Entertainment System
supervision supervision
switch Nintendo Switch
wii Wii
win PC (Microsoft Windows)
wiiu Wii U
wonderswan WonderSwan
wonderswan-color WonderSwan Color
xbox Xbox
xbox360 Xbox 360
xboxone Xbox One

? Tags support

Games can be tagged with region, revision or other tags using parenthesis in the file name. Region and revision tags must be built with the following reserved words:

  • Region tags must be prefixed with “reg-“: (reg-EUR) / (reg-USA) / (reg-Japan) / (reg-whatever)
  • Revision tags must be prefixed with “rev-“: (rev-1) / (rev-v2) / (rev-whatever)
  • Any other tag can have any structure
  • Example: my_game (reg-EUR)(rev-1)(aditional_tag_1)(aditional_tag_2).gba

Tags can be used with the search bar to help to filter your library.

⛏ Troubleshoot

  • After the first installation, sometimes the RomM container can have problems connecting with the database. Restarting the RomM container may solve the problem.

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