This repository contains a codebase of OpenVault, a secure digital asset storage application.


Do you want to contribute to this application? Take a look at the [active issues][issues]. If you're going to work on a particular issue, please let it know by responding to it, so that the issue is assigned to you. After that, fork this repository, create a new branch with a name that includes the issue number, for example enhancement/#3-password-generator, work on it and submit a pull request.

Code guidelines

For this application, we're adhering to important code guidelines and style. There is a strict file stucture (hierarchy) and we only want to see well-typed and well-documented functionalities (TypeScript) for the front-end. Don't worry too much about it, as there are configurations included that help you lint and fix your code automatically, where possible.


If you have a general question, please do not open an issue, but open a discussion instead.

P.S. When your question is about source code, for example, when fixing a bug, it is totally okay to open an issue for it.


ISC — A permissive license lets people do anything with your code with proper attribution and without warranty.