Vue Forum

Simple and beautiful forum software - created using Express, Vue, and Sequelize.


  • Mobile ready single-page application
  • Real-time notification system
  • Profile pictures
  • Infinite-scroll loading of posts and threads
  • @ mentions
  • Polls
  • Markdown editor
  • Inline link expansions for Twitter, GitHub, Wikipedia, and more to come
  • Admin dashboard for forum analytics
  • Multiple admin users
  • Moderation built in, including:
    • Locking or deleteing threads and posts
    • Blocking user IP address
    • Suspending users from creating posts or starting threads

Screenshot of the homepage



To install on Heroku:

  1. git clone && cd forum
  2. heroku login
  3. heroku git:remote -a <app-name>
  4. heroku config:set NODE_ENV=production
  5. heroku config:set SESSION_SECRET=<session-secret>
  6. Add database add-on, get database URL
  7. heroku config:set DATABASE_URL=<database-url>
  8. cd frontend && npm install
  9. npm run build
  10. Remove the line dist/ from .gitignore
  11. cd .. && git add -A && git commit -m "Update .gitignore"
  12. git push heroku master
  13. Visit the URL of the app and complete the on-screen instructions

N.B. the database here is assumed to be MySQL - to use Postgres or another you must install the corresponding driver on npm