Simple, Light-weight and Flexible Vue.js component for grid layout. Vue.js port of grd.


npm install --save vue-grd


You can use <vue-grid> and <vue-cell> components after importing and registering VueGrid and VueCell.

  <vue-grid align="stretch" justify="start">
    <vue-cell width="fill">fill</vue-cell>
    <vue-cell width="3of12">3of12</vue-cell>
    <vue-cell width="3of12">3of12</vue-cell>

import { VueGrid, VueCell } from 'vue-grd';

export default {
  components: {

You can also register them as global components.

import Vue from 'vue';
import { VueGrid, VueCell } from 'vue-grd';

Vue.component('vue-grid', VueGrid);
Vue.component('vue-cell', VueCell);

<vue-grid> modifiers

tag description
HTMLElement name Specify grid's tag name
align description
top Pull items to top
middle Pull items to middle
bottom Pull items to bottom
stretch Stretch items
baseline Pull items to baseline
justify description
start Layout items to start
center Layout items to center
end Layout items to end
between Add spaces between items
around Add spaces around items

<vue-cell> modifiers

tag description
HTMLElement name Specify cell's tag name
width description
fill Set item width to left
1of12 Set item width to 8.3%
2of12 Set item width to 16.7%
3of12 Set item width to 25%
4of12 Set item width to 33%
5of12 Set item width to 41.7%
6of12 Set item width to 50%
7of12 Set item width to 58.3%
8of12 Set item width to 66.7%
9of12 Set item width to 75%
10of12 Set item width to 83.3%
11of12 Set item width to 91.7%
12of12 Set item width to 100%