Single-page application (SPA) built with Vue.js. It's is a very simple kind of CMS (content management system) allowing to manage posts (articles) with images.

This is the frontend only. The backend is a separate project called DockerRails, created with Ruby on Rails and responding as an JSON API.

Tools used

  • Project scaffolding with Vue Cli
  • Routing with Vue Router
  • State management for authentication with Vuex
  • Package building with Webpack and Yarn
  • Styling with Bulma, Buefy and FontAwesome
  • API calls with Axios
  • Deployment with Nginx and Docker


  • User authentication using JSON Web Token (JWT)
  • Infinitive scrolling using Vue-infinite-loading
  • Auto refresh via ActionCable
  • Searching with Buefy Autocomplete
  • Content editing with the WYSIWYG editor Pell
  • Image gallery with Silentbox
  • Uploading images directly to Amazon S3 (presigned by the backend)