Sissy App

A fun project for turning people into sissies ?



This project is only intended for people who are AGED 18+! This project is intended for people who WILLINGLY become sissified. We do however employ various various techniques that when employed could lead to undesired sissification for otherwise normal people. Much like hacking this project is in no way illegal just based on the techniques used, what would make it illegal is if they were used in an illegal way, which they are not, all participants are explicitly warned about the potential effects of this system.


  • Website: Main hub for downloading tools, interacting with people, purchasing merch, playing games, things of that nature.
  • Sissy Safe: A tool that continously checks your screen for disallowed imagery being displayed. Can either be used overtly to overlay forbidden material with sissy safe images, or covertly just flashing images every now and again.
  • Sissy VR: An Unreal Engine game for hypnosis and training.


There are a lot of ideas and a lot of potential for this project. Here’s some of them!

  1. Games
  2. Videos
  3. Images
  4. Hypnosis
  5. Dating
  6. Events
  7. Tools
    To develop all this I’m thinking I’ll make a Qt based Python application with a WebView to show the website in a sort of Cordova/Electron style, but a bit more custom made. For the mostpart this system is based around devleoping sets of tools, even if the website is certainly a major part of it as well.


The project currently has no planned budget. We would love to set up a Patreon, maybe a Kickstarter, and a PayPal account for accepting donations and sponsorship, but for now there is no money in the project.

Here are some things I would love to afford for the project:

  • A server to host an API


We love engaging with our community and happily merge your pull requests once approved!


Read the full license agreement in the LICENSE file.


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