An accessible and customizable select/drop down component that features searching, grouping, and virtual scrolling.


Name Description Type Required Default
label The label of the dropdown field. String false -
name The label of the text input. String false -
value For v-model binding to selected value. String false -
items Data items to display in the drop down. Array false -
placeholder Placeholder text to display when no value is selected. String false 'Select an Item...'
disabled If true the control is disabled from user interaction Boolean false false
autocomplete Value for autocomplete of input tag. String false 'nope'
groupNameField Property of the top level item that indicates the name of the group. String false 'groupName'
childrenField Property of the top level item that contains child items of a group. String false 'items'
valueField Property of the item that contains its value. String false 'value'
textField Property of the item that contains its text to display. String false 'text'
iconUrlField Property of the item that contains the icon url. String false 'iconUrl'
iconClassField Property of the item that contains the icon class. String false 'iconClass'
showValue Indicates if the value of each item should be shown on the right side of the item. Boolean false true
noneFoundText Text to display when no items are found. String false 'No Results Found'
itemHeight Height in pixels of each individual item Number false 40
inputHeight Css height of the textbox container String false '52px'
inputWidth Css width of the textbox container String false '185px'
dropDownMaxHeight Css max height of dropdown. Will default to calculated bottom of textbox to bottom of window. String false -
debounceTime Amount of milliseconds to wait after inputs before search is performed. Number false 250
searchFields Additional item properties besides textField and valueField to include when searches are performed. Can be comma delimited string or array of strings. String | String[] false []
spellcheck Allows enabling browser spellcheck on input field. Boolean false false


Event Name Description Parameters
input For v-model binding The selected item
change - The selected item
selectedIndexChanged - The selected item index
opened Fired when the dropdown is opened -
closed Fired when the dropdown is closed -
keyup Keyup event from filter input -
keypress Keypress event from filter input -
keydown Keydown event from filter input -


Name Description Scope Variables
label Use to format label label
item Use to format your list items however you like. Use item.$html to show bolded search values. item
group Use to format your group header list items however you like. group
none-found Use to format your 'none found' item however you like. text
default Add items the old way with option tags, ex: <option value="1">Item 1</option> -


Method Description Parameters
selectItem Used to select an item. The item to select
clearSelection Clears the drop down selection. -
hideDropdown Used to hide the dropdown -
showDropdown Used to show the dropdown -