Swords ‘n Magic Interactive Map

An interactive map for planning your farming routes and finding stuff in the game Swords ‘n Magic and stuff

Soon available here: https://snminteractivemap.zmarc.de

This repository contains the new and improved version 2.0 of my Swords ‘n Magic Interactive Map. You can find version 1.0 here: Swords ‘n Magic Interactive map 1.0


  • Unlimited private pins
  • Different areas: Azura, Farmlands

Submitting pins to be made public

You can submit pins to be made public by submitting a pull request with the necessary data added to the /public/api directory. The data can be obtained from the edit pin dialog in the webapp, by clicking copy JSON. It copies the data from the pin to your clipboard. before submitting this data you need to remove the typeId field and the status field from the JSON.


This is a fan made project and is in no way affiliated with Kindred Games, the developer of the game “Swords ‘n Magic and stuff”. They only provided the high-resolution map images.


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