Tech blog starter-kit with vue3, nuxt3 and Contentful


  • Install Node.js (recommend v16.14.2^)
  • Install VSCode extenstion of Volar
  • Do yarn install

Set up Contentful

Content model setting example in this project.


Tag setting example in in this project. Navigation sort order can controlled by :order=NUM.


Setup env and configuration

Make sure to rename file .env.template to .env and write Contentful Identify and Token.

CONTENTFUL_CONTENT_KEY=<your contentful content id>
CONTENTFUL_SPACE_ID=<your contentful space id>
CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your contentful access token>

Change your site setting

Change site settings in the nuxt.config.ts to yours.

  runtimeConfig: {
    private: {
    public: {
      APP_NAME: 'tech-blog-vue3-nuxt3',
      APP_URL: '',
      BLOG_SITE_TITLE: 'LongRun Engineering',
      TEAM_NAME: 'LongRun Inc.',
      TEAM_STATEMENT: 'Creating a world where runners don\'t have to give up',
      TEAM_LOGO_IMAGE_ON_FOOTER: '/images/logo-white-bg_transparent-465x195.png',
      GA_APP_NAME: 'LongRun Blog',
      GA_ID: process.env.GA_ID,
      GA_APP_NAME: 'LongRun Blog',

Start dev server

yarn dev

Conguraturation ?

Don’t forget change favicion.ico and appletouch-icon.png in the ~/public directory to yours.

Build for SSG

Check config is equals to ssr:true and target:static in nuxt.config.ts.

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  ssr: true,
  target: 'static',

Generate of files.

yarn generate

And you can find more deployment information from

Package upgrade

yarn upgrade-interactive



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