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Strapi Starter Vue Blog

Vue starter for creating a blog with Strapi.

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This starter allows you to try Strapi with Vue with the example of a simple blog. It is fully customizable and due to the fact that it is open source, fully open to contributions. Do not hesitate to add new features etc …

You may want to know how to develop such a starter by your own! This starter is actually the result of this tutorial


  • 2 Content types: Article, Category
  • 2 Created articles
  • 3 Created categories
  • Permissions set to true for article and category
  • Responsive design using UIkit


  • “/” display every articles
  • “/article/:id” display one article
  • “/category/:id” display articles depending on the category

Getting started


See full instructions here


Start by installing the starter:

git clone
cd strapi-starter-vue-blog

Then start the frontend server:

# Using yarn
yarn install
yarn develop

# Using npm
npm install
npm run develop

# Create a .env file containing the VUE_APP_STRAPI_API_URL variable
echo "VUE_APP_STRAPI_API_URL=http://localhost:1337" >> .env

Vue server is running here => http://localhost:8080

Enjoy this starter!


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