Symfony + Vite + Inertia + Vuejs 3

This is a template for Symfony project with Inertia and Vuejs that uses Vite instead of Webpack

Using this template

Follow this instruction in creating new repo from this template


  • PHP 8
  • Composer
  • Symfony CLI
  • Node
  • NPM

Installation and Running

Before you do the steps, make sure you are installed PHP8, Symfony, Composer, NodeJs and NPM.

  1. Install PHP Packages using Composer
composer install
  1. Next install your node packages using npm
npm install
  1. Run symfony server for backend
symfony server:start
  1. Run node server for frontend dev env
npm run dev
  1. Access http://localhost:8000 in your browser

You would see the modified vue version of symfony welcome

Symfony Inertia and Vue welcome

Using Docker

If you are familiar with Docker container, you can run the application using it.

  1. Change the docker-compose.yml if necessary like ports mapping to your host
  2. Run docker compose
docker-compose up -d
  1. Access http://localhost:8000 in your browser

As default it will map the port of the php to 8000 and inertia node to 13714

Intertia / Vue Directory

The pages directory is located in assets/

  • pages will be the template that you can use to render in your controller


To change this configuration just change your .env files variables

env description type default
APP_INERTIA_SSR_ENABLE Enables the ssr boolean true
APP_INERTIA_SSR_URL The ssr url string http://node:13714/render

The default for the url is the container of docker setup.

This ssr configuration is following the ssr support of Inertia



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