Mocking up web app with Vitesse(speed)

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UI Frameworks



Coding Style

Dev tools


As this template is strongly opinionated, the following provides a curated list for community-maintained variations with different preferences and feature sets. Check them out as well. PR to add yours is also welcome!


Try it now!

Vitesse requires Node >=14

GitHub Template

Create a repo from this template on GitHub.

Clone to local

If you prefer to do it manually with the cleaner git history

npx degit antfu/vitesse my-vitesse-app
cd my-vitesse-app
pnpm i # If you don't have pnpm installed, run: npm install -g pnpm


When you use this template, try follow the checklist to update your info properly

  • [ ] Change the author name in LICENSE
  • [ ] Change the title in App.vue
  • [ ] Change the favicon in public
  • [ ] Remove the .github folder which contains the funding info
  • [ ] Clean up the READMEs and remove routes

And, enjoy :)



Just run and visit http://localhost:3333

pnpm dev


To build the App, run

pnpm build

And you will see the generated file in dist that ready to be served.

Deploy on Netlify

Go to Netlify and select your clone, OK along the way, and your App will be live in a minute.


I have created several Vite apps recently. Setting the configs up is kinda the bottleneck for me to make the ideas simply come true within a very short time.

So I made this starter template for myself to create apps more easily, along with some good practices that I have learned from making those apps. It's strongly opinionated, but feel free to tweak it or even maintains your own forks. (see community maintained variation forks)