Vue JS Books

Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces.

The core library is focused on the view layer only, and is easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects. On the other hand, Vue is also perfectly capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries.

Here you will get best Vue JS books for building user more You will find the best books review on this article.


  1. Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Lots of Sample Apps and Code

You will learn what you need to know to work professionally with Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js

You'll build:

  • A Server-Persisted Shopping Cart: Use the Flux-like library Vuex to manage data for a large shopping cart application that persists information on to a local server.
  • A Calendar Event App: Dive deeper into component based architecture by learning how simple state management works with Vue Single-file components.
  • A Voting Application: Learn how to render dynamic components and use standard Vue directives to build an interactive voting application.
  • Forms with Validations: Build powerful forms that accept user input, and give clear messaging when the input is of an invalid format.
  • Vuex-based Routes and Authentication: Build on top of the server persisted shopping cart app by creating dynamic routes and a token authentication flow with the official vue-router library.
  • Build bullet-proof apps with Testing: Use Vue's official test utility library, vue-test-utils, to create meaningful tests for a daily weather app that interacts with a third party API.


  1. Vue.js: Up and Running : Building Accessible and Performant Web Apps by O'Reilly Media

The book begins with a thorough introduction to Vue.js and its core concepts like data binding, directives and computed properties, with each concept being explained first, then put into practice in the case-study project.

You will then use Laravel to set up a web service and integrate the front end into a full-stack app. You will be shown a best-practice development workflow using tools like Webpack and Laravel Mix.

With the basics covered, you will learn how sophisticated UI features can be added using ES+ syntax and a component-based architecture. You will use Vue Router to make the app multi-page and Vuex to manage application state.

Finally, you will learn how to use Laravel Passport for authenticated AJAX requests between Vue and the API, completing the full-stack architecture. Vuebnb will then be prepared for production and deployed to a free Heroku cloud server.

What you will learn

  • Core features of Vue.js to create sophisticated user interfaces
  • Build a secure backend API with Laravel
  • Learn a state-of-the-art web development workflow with Webpack
  • Full-stack app design principles and best practices
  • Learn to deploy a full-stack app to a cloud server and CDN
  • Managing complex application state with Vuex
  • Securing a web service with Laravel Passport


  1. Vue.js in Action by Manning Publications

Vue.js in Action teaches readers to build fast, flowing web UI with the Vue.js framework. As they move through the book, readers put their skills to practice by building a complete web store application with product listings, a checkout process, and an administrative interface!

"Carefully explains the foundational concepts for understanding what Vue is doingand why."

--From the Foreword by Chris Fritz, Vue Core Team Member

An excellent hands-on introduction to Vue.js and its ecosystem."
--Alex Miller, Slalom

"Practical examples make learning easy and offer a solid foundation for your ownprojects."
--Doug Warren, Java Web Services

"Provides a strong understanding of the intrinsic mechanisms of Vues.js. Priceless."
--Philippe Charrière, Clever Cloud


  1. Learning Vue.js 2 : Learn how to build amazing and complex reactive web applications easily with Vue.js by Packt Publishing

This book shows developers how to leverage its features to build high-performing, reactive web interfaces with Vue.js. From the initial structuring to full deployment, this book provides step-by-step guidance to developing an interactive web interface from scratch with Vue.js.

What you will learn

  • Build a fully functioning reactive web application in Vue.js from scratch.
  • The importance of the MVVM architecture and how Vue.js compares with other frameworks such as Angular.js and React.js.
  • How to bring reactivity to an existing static application using Vue.js.
  • How to use plugins to enrich your applications.
  • How to develop customized plugins to meet your needs.
  • How to use Vuex to manage global application's state.


  1. Vue.js 2 Web Development Projects by Packt Publishing

This book's project-based approach will get you to build six stunning applications from scratch and gain valuable insights in Vue.js 2.5. You'll start by learning the basics of Vue.js and create your first web app using directives along with rich and attractive user experiences. You will learn about animations and interactivity by creating a browser-based game. Using the available tools and preprocessor, you will learn how to create multi-page apps with plugins. You will create highly efficient and performant functional components for your app. Next, you will create your own online store and optimize it. Finally, you will integrate Vue.js with the real-time Meteor library and create a dashboard showing real-time data.

What you will learn

  • Set up a full Vue.js npm project with the webpack build tool and the official scaffolding tool, vue-cli
  • Write automatically updated templates with directives to create a dynamic web application
  • Structure the app with reusable and maintainable components
  • Create delightful user experiences with animations
  • Use build tools and preprocessors to make larger professional applications
  • Create a multi-page application with the official Vue.js routing library
  • Integrate non-Vue.js elements into your apps like Google Maps
  • Use the official state-management library to prevent errors
  • Optimize your app for SEO and performance with server-side rendering and internationalization


  1. Building Applications with Spring 5 and Vue.js 2 James J. Ye

Build a modern, full-stack web application using Spring Boot and Vuex

With the help of this book, you'll get to grips with Spring 5 and Vue.js 2 as you learn how to develop a web application. From the initial structuring to full deployment, you'll be guided at every step of developing a web application from scratch with Vue.js 2 and Spring 5. You'll learn how to create different components of your application as you progress through each chapter, followed by exploring different tools in these frameworks to expedite your development cycle.

What you will learn

  • Analyze requirements and design data models
  • Develop a single-page application using Vue.js 2 and Spring 5
  • Practice concept, logical, and physical data modeling
  • Design, implement, secure, and test RESTful API
  • Add test cases to improve reliability of an application


  1. Vue.js 2.x by Example by Mike Street

Example-driven guide to build web apps with Vue.js for beginners

With this book, you will learn how to use Vue.js by creating three Single Page web applications. Throughout this book, we will cover the usage of Vue, for building web interfaces, Vuex, an official Vue plugin which makes caching and storing data easier, and Vue-router, a plugin for creating routes and URLs for your application.

What you will learn

  • Looping through data with Vue.js
  • Searching and filtering data
  • Using components to display data
  • Getting a list of files using the dropbox API
  • Navigating through a file tree and loading folders from a URL
  • Caching with Vuex
  • Pre-caching for faster navigation
  • Introducing vue-router and loading components
  • Using vue-router dynamic routes to load data
  • Using vue-router and Vuex to create an ecommerce store


  1. Vue.js 2 Design Patterns and Best Practices by Paul Halliday

Build enterprise-ready, modular Vue.js applications with Vuex and Nuxt

The book starts by comparing Vue.js with other frameworks and setting up the development environment for your application, and gradually move on to writing and styling clean, maintainable, and reusable components that can be used across your application.

What you will learn

  • Understand the theory and patterns of Vue.js
  • Build scalable and modular Vue.js applications
  • Take advantage of Vuex for reactive state management.
  • Create Single Page Applications with vue-router.
  • Use Nuxt for FAST server side rendered Vue applications.
  • Convert your application to a Progressive Web App (PWA) and add ServiceWorkers, offline support, and more
  • Build your app with Vue.js by following up with best practices and explore the common anti-patterns to avoid


  1. Vue.js 2 Cookbook by Andrea Passaglia

Build modern, interactive web applications with Vue.js

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript library for building modern, interactive web applications. With a rapidly growing community and a strong ecosystem, Vue.js makes developing complex single page applications a breeze. Its component-based approach, intuitive API, blazing fast core, and compact size make Vue.js a great solution to craft your next front-end application.

What you will learn

Understand the fundamentals of Vue.js through numerous practical examples
Piece together complex web interfaces using the Vue.js component system
Use Webpack and Babel to enhance your development workflow
Manage your application's state using Vuex and see how to structure your projects according to best practices
Seamlessly implement routing in your single page applications using Vue Router
Find out how to use Vue.js with a variety of technologies such as Node.js, Electron,, Firebase, and HorizonDB by building complete applications


  1. Pro Vue.js 2 by Adam Freeman

Best-selling author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most from Vue.js 2. He begins by describing the MVC pattern and the benefits it can offer. He then shows you how to use Vue.js in your projects, starting from the nuts and bolts and building up to the most advanced and sophisticated features, going in-depth to give you the knowledge you need. Chapters include common problems and how to avoid them.

What You'll Learn

  • Gain a solid architectural understanding of the MVC pattern
  • Create rich and dynamic web app clients using Vue.js 2
  • Extend and customize Vue.js
  • Test your Vue.js projects


Vue is getting so popular that a lot of resources have started popping up online.

  1. Vue.js official getting started documentation

You can't skip this one. Thorough, well-maintained, and extra-relevant.

  1. Laracast's Vuecasts for Vue 2.0

In-depth videos and walkthroughs for all things Vue.

  1. Vue JS Examples

A massive yet super rich collection of examples, resources, etc.