Translation string analyzer that reports missing and unused keys

vue-i18n-scanner is built to work with your Vue.js projects using vue-i18n. When run vue-18n-scanner analyses your Vue.js source code for any vue-i18n key usages (ex. $t(''), $tc(''), ...) as well as your language files (ex. de_DE.js, en_EN.json, ...), in order to:

  • Report keys that are missing in the language files.
  • Report unused keys in the language files.
  • Add missing keys to language files

It is built to support both .js and .vue files, and tested and on active use on large codebases


Check the example by running npm run example. You can base your package.json i18n script on that one, or run it directly like:

npx vue-i18n-scanner -v 'src' -l 'locales' -f json -L 'en,es'


vue-i18n-scanner is highly opinionated, and doesn't offer configuration besides the CLI options. Run npx vue-i18n-scanner report --help to learn more