Vue 3 + TresJS starter

Short gif demonstrating how the starter works

What’s included

1. Demo GLTF model

The <Suzanne /> component in /components/Suzanne loads a custom GLTF model and uses a custom ShaderMaterial.

2. Box with click handler

The <SampleBox /> component rotates and floats on every tick and has click/hover handlers.

3. GSAP as a Vue Composable

GSAP is included as a composable and can be included in any component the following way:

import { useGSAP } from '@/composables/useGSAP'

const { gsap } = useGSAP()

The composable file is located in /src//composables/useGSAP.js.

4. Pinia

Pinia is already included and configured.

The states are stored in the /src//stores folder.


Make sure to install the dependencies:

# yarn
yarn install

# npm
npm install

# pnpm
pnpm install

Development Server

Start the development server on http://localhost:3000

# yarn
yarn dev

# npm
npm run dev

# pnpm
pnpm run dev


Build the application for production:

# yarn
yarn build

# npm
npm run build

# pnpm
pnpm run build

Locally preview production build:

# yarn
yarn preview

# npm
npm run preview

# pnpm
pnpm run preview


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