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Various forms can be easily implemented using Vue.js

Various forms can be easily implemented using Vue.js

Vue Formulate

Vue Formulate is the easiest way to build forms using Vue. Key features include form and field validation, file uploads, form generation, single-element inputs that support labels, help text, error messages, placeholders and more, and comprehensive documentation for use within your own projects.

Vue Formulate lets you:

✓ Create any input element with a single component
✓ Use v-model binding on fields and entire forms
✓ Re-populate an entire form from a single object
✓ Generate a form using json
✓ Easily add field labels
✓ Easily add help text
✓ Easily add form validation
✓ Easily add custom validation rules
✓ Easily create custom validation messages
✓ Easily create custom inputs

v-model an entire form Well-considered file uploads
v-model an entire form well-considered file uploads

How is Vue Formulate used?

The syntax is what developers would expect. To create an input you use the FormulateInput element and provide it with a few props:

  label="What is your email address"
  help="Where should we contact you?"

Collecting multiple FormulateInput elements within a single FormulateForm element (even deeply nested) allows you to v-model your entire form.