Vue 3 composable for a complete MobX state management integration. Does not require <Observer> to operate.useMobX() hooks into Vue reactive() object functionality directly creating a shadow object that allows seamless integration between MobX and Vue.


yarn add vue-mobx-finegrained


class LoginRegisterPresenter {
  email = null
  password = null
  option = null

  observables = {
    email: observable,
    password: observable,
    option: observable,
    _awesome: observable,
    awesome: computed,
    reset: action,
    login: action,
    register: action,
    logOut: action

  constructor () {
    makeObservable(this, this.observables)
  get vm () {
    return useMobX(this, this.observables, { attach: 'vm' })

  async login () {}

  async register () {}

  _awesome = {}

  get awesome () {
    return this._awesome

  set awesome (value) {
    this._awesome = value

  reset () { = ''
    this.password = ''
    this.option = 'login'


In your component:

<script setup>
   import { LoginRegisterPresenter } from "./LoginRegisterPresenter.js";

   const vm = new LoginRegisterPresenter().vm;

   <!-- All the variables are reactive without <Observer> -->
   Email: <input type="text" v-model="" /><br />
   Password: <input type="text" v-model="" /><br />
   Option: <input type="text" v-model="vm.option" /><br />
   Awesome: <input type="text" v-model="vm.awesome" /><br />
   <!-- All functions are also available -->
   <button @click="vm.login()">Login</button>


  • Changing values in Presenter (changes the Vue(vm) state)
  • Changing values in Vue(vm) state, changes the Presenter
  • Getters and setters are supported
  • Functions are mirrored but use the Presenter context
  • *Caveat: All functions in vm are converted to async to await for Vue values to update the Presenter, before using the values (this is because Vues’ watch() function does not run synchronously)
  • MobX runs synchronously, so changing the Presenter values, immediatedly reflects into the Vue
  • Deep changes are tracked both ways by MobX and Vue (using deepObserve()in MobX & watch(..., { deep: true }) in Vue)

Run Unit Tests with Vitest

This package has 60+ tests to verify the integration between MobX & Vue

yarn test


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