Vue binding for countable.js. Provides real-time paragraph, sentence, word, and character counting.


# npm
npm i vue-countable

# yarn
yarn add vue-countable

Or you can include it through the browser at the bottom of your page:

<script src=""></script>


Simple way to count characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs in your Vue apps.

Pass your text as a prop to the provided component, along with a unique id, and register for the change event to get real-time count updates.

Usage Example

import VueCountable from 'vue-countable'
Vue.component('vue-countable', VueCountable)
<!-- In your html - Make sure the id prop is unique on your page. -->
    :text="myText" // Your text variable
    :id="'myId'" // A unique string id
    @change="change" // Register for the change event

<!-- The @change function -->
change (event) {
    // event.words to get word count, etc.

Now, anytime (and on component initialization) your myText variable changes, vue-countable will emit an event containing the details of your text. Register for this event as shown above to get your real-time counts.


prop type description
text String Text you want to track.
id String A unique id for your tracking instance. This allows you to have multiple different counts on the same page.
hardReturns Boolean (Optional, defaults to false) Require two returns to count paragraphs
stripTags Boolean (Optional, defaults to false) Remove HTML before counting
ignore Array of Strings (Optional, defaults to empty) Characters to be ignored.


event value description
change Object Provides character, word, sentence, paragraph, and all values.


# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload
npm run watch

# build demo page
npm run build:example

# build
npm run build

# publish to npm
npm version patch
npm publish