Vue.js component wrapper for a free and nice-looking icon pack, Iconly. You can see all the styles and names here


Installation (add to the project)

yarn add viconly


npm install viconly


Declare the component globally

import Viconly from 'viconly' Vue.component('ic', Viconly)

then in your .vue template

<ic icon="Home" />

or with more customizations

<ic icon="Home" bold color="green" size="1.5" />

Note: the size property unit is rem

Nuxt usage

You can use Viconly component globally using Nuxt plugins directory. create a viconly.js in plugins directory of your Nuxt project (create the directory itself if it doesn’t exist) then declare the component and CSS styles in nuxt.config.js.


import Vue from 'vue' import Viconly from 'viconly' Vue.component('ic', Viconly)


plugins: [
  { src: "@/plugins/viconly.js" },
css: [

After this you’re able to use the ic (or whatever you named it) component globally in any of your Nuxt project templates.


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