Vue composition-api composable components.

vue-composable is out-of-box ready to use composition-api generic components, eg: useFetch

100% typescript based composable components and full type support out-of-box.


yarn add vue-composable


Check out the examples folder or start hacking on codesandbox.

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Currently only works with composition-api, when Vue3 gets release I will update to use the new reactive system (using @vue/reactivity)

composable description example extra
useArrayPagination provides pagination for an array arrayPagination.html
useDebounce debounces function
useEvent handles the lifecycle of addEventListener/removeEventListener for a component.
useOnMouseMove gets data from element movemove
useOnResize gets data from element resize
useOnScroll gets data from element scroll
usePagination provides pagination controls. NOTE: base type
usePromise provides information about the state of the promise
useFetch handles the fetch request fetch.html
useCancellablePromise allow to cancel promise. NOTE javascript doesn't support cancel of promises natively, when you cancel it will only prevent the result to be modified fetch.html