Vue Router Tab

A tab router component based on Vue Router.


Open or switch to tabs responding to route change

Support context menu on tabs

Route Matching

Built-in Transition: support custom configuration

Custom Tab Template

Initial Tabs: initially opened tabs when entering page

Tabs Caching: reopen tabs on page reload

Reset Tabs: reset tabs to initial state

Dynamic Tab Info (title/icon/tooltip)

iframe: for external website

Leave Prompt


NPM Task

Task Command Description
Lib build npm run lib:build
Lib build and generate report npm run lib:build:report
Lib publish npm run lib:publish change version in package.json
Demo develop npm run demo:dev
Demo build npm run demo:build
Document develop npm run docs:dev
Document build npm run docs:build
Code format check npm run lint
Code format check and auto fix npm run lint:fix
Commit code npm run commit