Searchable Dual Select box plugin.

Multi-select widget where users can select options from a list in the left side to a list on the right.

Install with NPM:

npm install vue-multiselect-listbox

# or, using Yarn
yarn add vue-multiselect-listbox

Then, import and register the component:

import Vue from 'vue'
import vMultiselectListbox from 'vue-multiselect-listbox'

Vue.component('v-multiselect-listbox', vMultiselectListbox)

The component doesn't itself contain any CSS, you'll need to include it yourself:

import 'vue-multiselect-listbox/dist/vue-multi-select-listbox.css';

Alternatively, you can import the scss for complete control of the component styles:

@import "vue-multiselect-listbox/src/scss/vue-multi-select-listbox.scss";