The Great Kafkini knows what the users want!

Kafkini is a single-page Vue app which lets people fill out a form to produce
configs for Mongey’s Kafka Terraform provider.

It’s designed to help non-experts choose the relevant configuration options and
to enforce topic naming standards.


Project Status

Working proof-of-concept only.

This is not a completed project.


Following https://www.blog.duomly.com/vue-js-tutorial-how-to-create-vue-js-app-in-5-minutes/

Initial project setup (You shouldn’t need to do this):

# get into an environment with node, yarn, etc

npm install yarn
yarn global add @vue/cli

vue create kafkini
# Choose Vue3 defaults

See also: Vue Configuration Reference.

Development setup:

# get into an environment with node, yarn, etc
# Install deps (populates `node_modules` dir on host)
yarn install
# Run the linter if desired
yarn lint
# Start development server with live reload on 8080
yarn serve

Production setup:

yarn build
# Now we are ready to serve via any webserver
# For example
cd dist && python3 -m http.server 8000

Production docker:

docker build . -t kafkini:latest
# Running will look something like this
docker run --rm -it -p 8080:8080 kafkini:latest

Random Notes


  • v-if
  • v-show
  • v-hide