VuePress Portfolio

VuePress site with portfolio and blogging pages
ready to deploy, and configured for Forestry (Content Management)


# install VuePress locally
npm i -g vuepress

# Start local dev server
vuepress dev portfolio


# Build static files to .vuepress/dist
vuepress build portfolio

Deploy with Netlify

Import your site in Netlify

  1. Create a new site in Netlify and import your repository.
  2. Set the build command to: npm run site:build
  3. Set the publish directory to portfolio/.vuepress/dist

That’s it, now your site gets deployed automatically on git push

Forestry (Content Management)

This project has been pre-configured to work with Forestry, just import your repository ✨
Any changes you make will be commited back to the repo, and deployed if you’re using Netlify.

Import this project into Forestry


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