Web-Application-for-Collecting-Medication-Data-and-Analyzing-Warfarin-Drug-Interactions-SeniorProject ?

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? Introduction and Background

Polypharmacy and drug interaction issues are becoming more common during medication. Polypharmacy is also on the rise among the elderly. Warfarin, which is used in patients with cardiovascular disease, can interact with certain medications, causing side effects ranging from easy bleeding to internal bleeding. Good drug management, such as a list of current drugs consumed, a drug interaction knowledge library, and so on, may help to resolve this issue. However, current health and drug management applications are unable to provide drug interaction warnings. Therefore, we are motivated to develop a web application to collect medication data in order to analyze Warfarin drug interactions .

? What is ‘Web application for Collecting medication data and Analyzing Warfarin drug interaction’ ?

It is also similar to the Warfarin notebook that patients must bring with them to each follow-up examination. It will also be able to notify users of drug interactions with Warfarin. In addition, the application can manage drug list information, allergy drug lists, and record actual measured and expected INR values, which are displayed in a simple dashboard format. This goal of this application is to solve the problems mentioned above.

? Development Tools

To develop this web application, I use 3 main tools

Architecture Overview ?

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