Vue Yandex Share

Yandex Vue component for the Share block.

If you place a block on your site, visitors can quickly post links to their favorite pages on their social networks.


npm i @alexlit/vue-yandex-share -S


  import VueYandexShare from '@alexlit/vue-yandex-share';

  export default {
    components: { VueYandexShare },

    data() {
      return {
         * Параметры плагина
        options = {
          accessToken: null,
          bare: false,
          counter: false,
          copy: 'last',
          description: null,
          direction: 'horizontal',
          hashtags: null,
          image: null,
          lang: 'ru',
          limit: 24,
          popupDirection: 'bottom',
          popupPosition: 'inner',
          size: 'm',
          title: null,
          url: null,
          services: [

  <vue-yandex-share v-bind="options"></vue-yandex-share>