Artful Tab is a browser extension that shows art from all over the world on the new New Tab page. Discover a new curated artwork from Wikimedia Commons every 24 hours. Get artist details and artwork information sourced from Wikidata.

Artful Tab


The extension manifest is defined in src/manifest.js and used in the vite config.

The popup and newTab entry points exist in the src/entries directory.

Otherwise, the project functions just like a regular Vite project.

To switch between Manifest V2 and Manifest V3 builds, use the MANIFEST_VERSION environment variable defined in .env. Used in the uploaded build is V2.

Refer to @samrum/vite-plugin-web-extension for more usage notes.

Project Setup

npm install



Development, HMR

Hot Module Reloading is used to load changes inline without requiring extension rebuilds and extension/page reloads Currently only works in Chromium based browsers.

npm run dev

Development, Watch

Rebuilds extension on file changes. Requires a reload of the extension (and page reload if using content scripts)

npm run watch


Minifies and optimizes extension build

npm run build

Load extension in browser

Loads the contents of the dist directory into the specified browser

npm run serve:chrome
npm run serve:firefox


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