A collection of loading indicators animated with CSS for VueJS.


# use yarn
yarn add vue-spinkit
# use npm
npm install --save vue-spinkit

How to use

import Vue from 'vue'
import Spinner from 'vue-spinkit'

Vue.component('Spinner', Spinner)

In file vue

<Spinner name="circle" color="red"/>


Name Type Default Description
name string 'three-bounce' specify spinner to use (defaults to line-scale-pulse-out-rapid).
color string programmatically set the color of the spinners; this can either be a hex value or a color word.
noFadeIn boolean false set use fade in
fadeIn string 'full' set the time before the spinner fades in. Have 'full', 'half' and 'quarter'
className string add a custom classname to the outer div