A forever evolving, interplanetary microblogging platform.

CherryPick is a decentralized microblogging platform born on Earth. Since it exists within the Fediverse (a universe where various social media platforms are organized), it is mutually linked with other social media platforms. Why don't you take a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and dive into a new Internet? Find an instance!



Post your ideas, discussion topics, fun moments, or anything else you want to share! CherryPick supports text, emoji, pictures, videos, and polls!


Reactions are the simplest way to respond to others' posts. Simply pick a reaction emote from the list! Reactions on CherryPick are much more expressive than other social media services which only allow “liking”.


Customize the UI to your own tastes! No UI will work for everyone, so CherryPick is completely customizable. Make CherryPick *yours* by editing the style, adjusting timeline layouts, and placing widgets.

CherryPick Drive

Organize and store your files! Want to post a picture you have already uploaded? Wish you could organize your files into folders? CherryPick Drive is a solution!