Deploy Nuxt.js example to Layer0

A demo deployment of Nuxt.js app to Layer0.


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Deploy with Layer0

Getting Started

Clone This Repo

Use git clone to get the files within this repository onto your local machine.

Install dependencies

On the command line, in the project root directory, run the following command:

npm install

Run the Nuxt.js app locally on Layer0

Run the Nuxt.js app with the command:

npm run layer0:dev

Load the site:

Testing production build locally with Layer0

You can do a production build of your app and test it locally using:

layer0 build && layer0 run --production

Setting –production runs your app exactly as it will be uploaded to the Layer0 cloud using serverless-offline.

Deploying to Layer0

Deploying requires an account on Layer0. Sign up here for free. Once you have an account, you can deploy to Layer0 by running the following in the root folder of your project:

layer0 deploy

See deploying for more information.


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